AMD's 5GHz on air cooling

Obviously it's not something all AMD CPUs will do, but finally AMD sees 5G on air cooling. To put things in perspective, some of the upcoming i7 990X is doing 5GHz Vantage stable on air cooling. Nevertheless, always nice to see barriers broken.


Belgium Massman says:

Highest 'legit' at HWBOT is probably this one:

Well ... untill Mad222 submits of course :p

Hungary over@locker886 says:

Nice! What was the air temp? :)

Belgium Massman says:

"AMD 1st 5GHz validated on legit air @ 31c" I presume CPU @ 31°C

Indonesia Hazzan says:

CPU from heaven

Colombia saint19 says:

Amazing, and with only 1.475V. @Massman: Nice article man.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Congratz Flanker :) Hope you get as much love from your 980X then from ya AMD PCU's

FlanK3r says:

Real Vcore, as MAD said, was 1.55V. I am looser, today I tried my best and got "only" 4894 MHz with 1.565V :-D

United States trans am says:


Hong Kong imamage says:

Holy Cow, Very nice Deneb you got there Mad!!

Germany Eric says:

nice one dude

Indonesia placid says:

Is it good if under LN2 too? I'm not sure :)

Poland RemiKo says:

Today i try with my Thuban: 4945MHz;

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