SandyBridge Core i7 2600K review

Everything you need to know ...

Well, the test will end here.I believe through these tests, weve already known well about the new processor.Of course, todays test is not really end.We did not test graphics performance.If you interested you can wait our following test.

In application software testing,in most of projest,Sandy Bridge Core i7 improvement is not obviously,it is only about 3%, but in 3D rendering and video encoding,the advantage extended to more than 10%.In game test,Sandy Bridge Core i7 in "StarCraft 2" the improvement reached as much as 25%, while in other games is not so obvious.

Sandy Bridge version Core i7 using 32nm process, in theory, its power consumption at the same frequency should be lower than current Core i7,and the results are true.And you should not forget that Sandy Bridge Edition Core i7 also integrated graphics core,Although the test did not use it, but it also will has power consumption.

Since Sandy Bridge Core i7 performance and power consumption performance is better than current Core i7, at least it explain the new architecture and technology gives us stronger performance and lower power consumption.If you want buy a new processor and does not intend to overclock, when the price is same or similar, Sandy Bridge Core i7 is more worth buying.

But Sandy Bridge overclocking ability is limited, this will let a lot of players down.After all, if you want overclock, you would have to buy top of K series of products, or high-end Z68 board, no matter which way, the cost will be expensive and a lot of players usually can not afford.If you still want to overclock to get better price performance,the Sandy Bridge maybe is not your good choice,you can select purchase current LGA 1156 processor.From this perspective, for those who have purchased LGA 1156 processors, this maybe a good news,Because you need not get a new Sandy Bridge processor to buy a new motherboard and new processor.

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