TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.8 Released

On the eve of a big development in the GPU industry, TechPowerUp introduced the latest version of GPU-Z, the popular graphics subsystem diagnostic utility that provides you with detailed tech-specs of your installed graphics processors, and lets you monitor clock speeds, voltages, temperatures and fan speeds. Version 0.4.8 features support for new GPUs, most notably, full support for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, support for some upcoming GF104-based consumer SKUs, and some handy stability updates.

Apart from the GeForce GTX 580, GPU-Z 0.4.8 supports GeForce GT 420 and GT 440 (which are currently OEM-only products). It also features an updated TMU and texture fill-rate calculation method, and updated reliability on ATI cards using certain unsupported kinds of voltage controllers.

DOWNLOAD: TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.8

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