NVIDIA Designs New GTX 460 SE Variant with 288 CUDA Cores, 256-bit Memory

*yeey* ?

NVIDIA is designing a new variant of its GeForce GTX 460 graphics processor, the GeForce GTX 460 SE. Based on the 40 nm GF104 silicon, it's positioned below the GTX 460 768 MB. It has 288 CUDA cores (6/8 streaming multiprocessors enabled, compared to 7/8 on the other GTX 460 variants), but uses the complete 256-bit wide memory interface, with GDDR5 memory. The GPU and memory are clocked at 650/1300 MHz DDR, compared to 670/1350 MHz DDR on the other GTX 460 variants. No information regarding pricing/availability is available.


dexterdude says:

hmmz and the point of this card is? selling more bad chips?

Finland Mean Machine says:

Good to see them bringing back the "Slow Edition" suffix.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Dunno Jonas, maybe the beter ram bandwith can do something for it's performance... if th eprice is way lower it might be a nice entry level card with adequate gaming performance...

Belgium Steven86 says:

Like the 465Gtx these might be unlockable then :D

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