Guru3D eVGA SR-2 Overclock experience

Pretty cool video of HWBOT #5, Beaux Loy, testing the Classified SR-2 for Guru3D. 1080HD available!


Belgium Massman says:

Is that a beamer showing the Vantage run? Or just a really big screen?

Austria _mat_ says:

I missed the actual experience ...

Dreadlockyx says:

I think it's a beamer, 'cause the quality looks like this on most of them...

dexterdude says:

if you look @ the edge you can see ist a biggy screen =D But sick bechttable with the blacklight you have ^^

Australia Dinos22 says:

beamer in my country refers to a :p

Australia hikkoo says:

WOOOW!!! pure OC ecstasy ...thx for great vid

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Cool video, well done man !!!

Finland SF3D says:

Nice video! Thoughts before testing were cool!

United States steponz says:

Very Nice .... Got my other x5680 yesterday.... Jumping on the bandwagon... lol

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