AMD Radeon HD 6870 Memory Voltage Modification - With a Pencil

If you performed the modification, please provide feedback to your HWBOT friends :-)

We reviewed the AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 just a week ago, and found that it had a pretty decent overclocking headroom. One of our samples even managed a good 1GHz on its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).


Step Four: High School Art Class

With your favourite pencil (a 2B grade one works alright), shade across the highlighted 0402 resistor. You may wish to check the resistor value just before you engage in this absolutely pleasurable act - it measure approximately 5kOhms.

We shaded across our resistor (with our lethally-sharpened IKEA pencil) until the effective resistance dropped to approximately 4.4kOhm, and with that, memory voltage rose to 1819mV. A darker shade will naturally increase your memory voltage even further.

To prevent graphite shavings from irritating neighboring resistors, you can mask off the surrounding area with your favourite insulating tape.

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