Featuring Digital Power Supply, PCB Exposure For Galaxy GeForce GTX 460

Forget about the high-end components ... the white PCB is just awesome!

Since NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 launched the market,it is quite popular with lots of overclockers for its excellent overclocking performance and reasonable price.As a partner of NVIDIA,Galaxy has launched some non-reference GTX 460 graphics cards.And recently again expose the PCB of GeForce GTX 460 which features digital power supply.

The card has a milk-white PCB.Compared with other GTX 460,the biggest difference lie in the power supply circuit on the right side of it.This card features 6+2 phase power supply,6 is for core,and 2 for the memory.In addition,it employs with 6pin+8pin power supply ports,DVI+HDMI+DisplayPort outputs.

The GTX 460 adopts Volterra digital power supply solution,which is made up by VT1185M main controller chip,six VT1157SF subsidiary controller chips,offering switch frequency of up to 1.3MHz and up to 40A electric current for each phase.So six phase can provide totally 240A power supply capacity with conversion efficienvy of up to 85%.

VT1185M made by Volterra is the first digital PWM controller chip which supports Intel VRM 11 and VRM 11.1 voltage adjuster.While VT1157SF subsidiary controller chip adopts heat-resistant CSP encapsulation,providing switch frequency of up to 1.3MHz.

At the back of PCB,there are three NEC Proadlizer decoupling capacitors,and lower ESL/ESR resistance value can effectively lower noise,improve overclocking capacity as well as its working stability.

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