Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 expected to perform 20% faster than 480

I think I need a new PSU ...

Nvidia is preparing to launch its GF110-based GeForce GTX 580 by the end of November or early December 2010 with performance 20% faster than its current GeForce GTX 480, according to sources from graphics card makers.

After GF110, Nvidia is also set to gradually unveil its GF112, GF114 and GF119 in 2011 with market positions similar to its GF104, GF106 and GF108, respectively. The company is also preparing to announce 28nm Kepler GPUs by the end of 2011 and is currently developing Maxwell as Kepler's successor.

Meanwhile, AMD plans to launch two new GPUs under the Radeon HD 6000-series by the end of this week with a price point of NT$6,600-8,500 (US$214-275) and the company will also launch more new products in November and December.


Dreadlockyx says:

They can't release the 480 (for everyone premium range) and even not 6 months after release another one graphics card, especially with their actual economical status. I bet they did it just to say: "Hey, people. Don't forget us ! We are here ! Those new 6K series are nothing compared to our new 580 !".

It's my point of view, but it should be wrong.

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