The end of Asrock's AGP supremacy?

When it comes to overclocking, everyone knows that the mainboard is an essential part of the setup. A guaranteed well-overclockable mainboard offers you a more stable and more predictable environment when pushing components such as processor or videocard to the absolute limit. In each generation of hardware, we can find a few samples that simply stand out against the rest. For LGA775, for instance, this would be the Rampage Extreme which has been used to achieve over 1800(!) top-5 spots.

For the AGP videocard generation, there's actually a collection of mainboards that apply for this 'legendary mainboard'-status: the Asrock PT880 family: 775Dual-VSTA, 4CoreDual-SATA2, 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 and 4CoreDual-VSTA. Being totally low-end and using a completely outdated chipset (even in their days), these four boards total an amazing 1109 top-5 rankings. Why? Compatibility!

The reign of Asrock in the AGP category might be over, though. I came across this (5y old) advertisement a few days ago ...

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