When old meets new: GTX460 performance scaling

Do not let the title of the news article fool you. This is not about regular performance scaling; this is about OLD HW performance scaling. To make a long story short, Belarussian overclocker Max1024 decided it was time for him to find out which CPU would be best to support the massive power of the newly bought GTX 460: Pentium MMX or AMD K6/2+.

Turns out none of them are.

Nevertheless, this guy has jumped from the list 'unknown overclockers' to the list of 'awesome overclockers I want to shake hands with one day'. I am not shy of a little bit of mixing between old-skool and new-gen, for example running 3-Way SLI on an old nForce 5 mainboard, but this is even more extreme. Triple Thumbs Up!

I certainly was interesting to see how many FPS Crysis will show on such a system, but I am afraid the result will be predictable. But it's not the case, and in ancient architecture, CPU and supported by their instructions. Both test the processor does not support SSE and SSE2 instructions and therefore run the latest 3D games and tests virtually impossible. 3Dmark2005 requires support for SSE, 2006 is SSE2. I tried to run the demo Dirt2, Stalker COP, Heaven Benchmark, but the result is missing or the application is closed or wrote about the need to support the necessary instructions by the CPU. I still have Pentium-2 platform, but SSE has appeared in the Pentium-3, and would probably be interesting to see the result with P-III 1000Mhz.

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