Old-skool Overclocking: "Crotale hitting 200% OC"

Another video that pushed me in the direction of extreme overclocking: Swedish (top/ex-) overclocker Crotale hitting 200% OC on a Celeron processor. In this video, the music plays again quite a role in creating the atmosphere!



Belgium Massman says:

Pretty sweet vid.

Seems like I'm nostalgia mode :D

pxhx says:

it reminds me of ripping.org

TaPaKaH says:

oh, breaking this record took me 3+ years of ebay hunting for SL6M4 and SL7EZ :D

Czech Republic Aerou says:

This Is Overclocking

United States G H Z says:

Insane on that hardware, those were fun times.

Canada mkultra says:

anyone know the name of the tune?

Sweden PreacherMan says:

mkultra said: anyone know the name of the tune?

Within Temptation - Ice Queen.

A suitable song for that video. :)

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