Submissions Wanted! Theme of MSI MOA 2011.

(Taipei, Taiwan) Based upon the MOA Roman Arena in 2008, MOA IT Olympics in 2009 and the MOA Star Wars 2010, MSI MOA has been achieving admirable milestones in the field of extreme overclocking. To enlarge users’ involvements in this great event, now MSI is looking for ideas for the theme of MOA 2011.


Belgium Teemto says:

- Middle Ages (Knights of the round table) - Lord of the Rings - Pokémon ;-)

Finland Mean Machine says:

Oh god. I'm sure they'll go for Pokemon now that someone has mentioned it.

K404 says:

Rambo? Snow White + The Seven Dwarves?

Denmark Rosty says:

Danish vikings theme

Australia Dinos22 says:

How cool would it be to do an extreme OC comp in extreme conditions >> like a snow blizzards in Northen Sweden or something and calling Bear Grylls for help :D

or in Sahara desert lol :eek::D

Czech Republic Aerou says:

I really like the theme of fast race car drivers, be it F1, drag racing ... Essentially anything other than some Pokemon :D

Finland Mean Machine says:

I got it, Hello Kitty theme. I bet the taiwanese would love that.

Dreadlockyx says:

Why not Back To The Future and it's beautiful DeLoreans ? :D

Belgium Massman says:

teemto said: - Pokémon

mean Machine said: i Got It, Hello Kitty Theme. I Bet The Taiwanese Would Love That.

yes! :d

K404 says:

1980s mullets theme :p :p :p

Belgium Gamer says:

Hello Kitty Theme
Vote +1 !

Belgium Massman says:

Anyone up for the Max Payne bullet-time theme?

K404 says:

Everyone benches in slo-mo? :D (diving through the air to pour)

Finland Mean Machine says:

I just noticed the MOA 2011 logo. It looks quite obvious they're going for gay pride. Forza Beier.

Belgium Massman says:

Should that be Forssah Beier

United States Halo_003 says:

How about star wars?


i think SAUNA should be the theme, theres always alot of europeans at MOA so SAUNA will go down really well,

and hey lets be honest, elmor loves a good sauna and as winner last year he should get to decide the theme

Finland SF3D says:

Yes! James got it right. We also need a small bush (whisk) of birch leaves, so we can spank each other during the competition.

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