Weakest OC competition entry ever?

Yes, every month HWBOT tries to come up with interesting challenges. In addition, our partners MSI and GIGABYTE frequently organize their own overclocking competitions here at the bot. Most of the time, the competitions are followed by more than a few overclockers and ends in a fierce battle.

This month's HWBOT OC Challenge is designed to be nothing different: three different stages for three different types of overclockers. And then this happened:

Christian Ney managed to score 2nd place with his Pentium MMX at 300MHz. This resulted in a run roughly 11 minutes slower than 1st place (26-ish seconds). What can I say - participating is more important than winning?

(PS: for those who don't get it - I actually really like the attempt. It put a BIG smile on my face)


Belgium Massman says:

Pretty awesome! Really love the effort :D

Austria Turrican says:

i will try my 486 then :ugly: :D

United Kingdom Sam__ says:

Brilliant entry!

United States Linuxfan says:

Christian Ney said:
EDIT : also CPU limited

Word. :D
Nice oldskool overclock!

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Nice effort! Maybe HWBOT should made OC Challenge with REAL old-skool hardware? * 3DMark99 MAX FTW! d(^_^)b *

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

3DMark99 is too fancy and modern. SST, Checkit and Final Reality :D

United States Halo_003 says:

Wow that's brilliant. Awesome entry!

Germany Punky260 says:

Hehe, yes - participating is more important than winnig ^^ Of course you should mention that it's just the beginning of the competition/month ... But I like the positive advertising of this article - maybe it motivates some more people to submit scores, even if they have no state-of-the-art hardware or the money to buy LN2 =)

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