GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 WorldWide – Official Aftermovie

Check out the official aftermovie now! Also check out the page on - a lot of pictures of the event!

The GOOC is the biggest Overclocking competition in 2010, with more than 80 countries involved. After a qualification process all around the world, the best 15 overclockers are competiting to be at the top ! Here is the video summary!


Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

hohoho very nice, congrats guys =)

Christian Ney says:


Christian Ney says:

I am sure that massman was looking(watching) the babes instead of underclocking his rig

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Thanks guys ! We do really like this movie too (Even if i sepnt few hours of -no-sleep on it ^^) !

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