Equipped With Mysterious Port,Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 Leaked

Galaxy,a famous computer components manufacturer and distributer in China,recently leaked to Expreview its latest GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards,which is the non-reference model.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 has the same length over PCB with GeForce GTX 480 and features its frequently-used blue color.There are eight GDDR5 memory chips on either side of PCB,totaling amount of eithteen.Though we can’t know clearly the specific parameter of memory chips,it is predicted it totals 2GB memory.

The card features four-phase GPU power supply,two-phase memory chips power supply and equipped with dual 6pin power supply design.It sets a port close to PCI-E port.However,its function remains to be unknown.As for I/O,besides providing a DVI and Display outputs,it is equipped with a mini USB and a press-button especially.

It is predicted that Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 will possibly launch soon.As Galaxy said,the card will be an unprecedented one.More information, please pay a close watch on Expreview’s follow-up report.

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