HWBOT Revision 4 - The movie

I have no idea who made this, but it's both informative and amusing!


Belgium Gamer says:


Netherlands diezel says:

ha ha lol

Christian Ney says:

nice video

Belgium bartolomius says:


United Kingdom Evocarlos says:

lol 13:45 -- manufuctrs 10:14 -- overcloaker i watched all this and the only bit i really understood was - 4:31 onward "bear2 - do all 5 scores count to the team total bear1 - NO!"

Dreadlockyx says:


Germany der8auer says:

Haha nice video :D

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

HA HA made me lol sunday hangover now a bit better!

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

Spoiler! Brownie bear dies in the end. :P Nice video, a quite long, but nice.

United States cdolphin says:

+1 scooter.

United States [UC OC] Karmakazi says:

the little bear said JIGGABYTE! <3

United States Hondacity says:

obviously non respecting people ...

United States Brian y. says:

now I would not say that......;)

United States Voidn says:

Awesome, that should clear the air a bit. I got QUOTEd woot.

New Zealand packet says:

lol overcloaker

United States Planet says:

Hondacity said: obviously non respecting people ...

You got a little brown on your nose

TiN says:


United States Gautam says:

Some total loser for sure

Belgium Massman says:

Lol. People hate this movie? It's just awesome :D

United States Barton says:

You're right, Massman. It is awesome. I enjoyed it. Still trying to figure out if it is for real or if it's a spoof? ..

Belgium Massman says:

Even if it's a spoof ... this video is a lot more understandible than the actual thread.

United States Voidn says:

Spoof? Most of it was copied and pasted straight out of the main thread.

Curious who made it.

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