GIGABYTE GoOC 2010 worldwide final bios release with guide notes!

Great to see a manufacturer embracing the idea of transparency. Now everyone can test this BIOS and see how it performs!

Go OC 2010 worldwide final is just over a week away! GIGABYTE team and judges have done some bios testing and troubleshooting to provide a solid bios for the finals. We are going to release this bios in public today for competitors and media to review and use before the finals if they wish to. It will be accompanied by a guide and some handy voltage read points for GA-X58A-UD7 (rev2.0) motherboards which form part of the competition OC gear platform.

One of the key performance aspects the bios was tested for is 32M SuperPi as it is one of the benchmarks which will have a strong impact on the competition. The bios is very efficient as per this 4Ghz test. NB clocking on this particular CPU was also solid clocking to 5.2Ghz 32M stable NB frequency in a separate test which may benefit some of the benchmarks chosen for the final.

Download link:


United States chew* says:

Except for the fact it can only be downloaded by 10 people :P

Australia Dinos22 says:

that's because you haven't tried the second link i posted as alternative link in the article :p

United States chew* says:

thanks :)

United Kingdom Bustah says:

please relese foe x58 ud7 rev 1. thanks.

Romania suzuki says:

Does anybody have these files ,the link doesn't work ?
Specially interested in the ones for ud9 ,f4c,F4x ,GOOC 2010 WWF.
Thanks in advance.

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