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Another SF3D video! This time, it's not about his own overclocking accomplishments, but about the OC Gathering at Assembly Summer 2010. Enjoy this video featuring overclockers such as Elmor, Macci, SF3D, Ryba, Predator, Neoforce, Dedal and inevitably myself. Recommended to watch in HD!


Belgium Massman says:

There's so much fail in this one ... so ... much ... fail!

Oh and for those who don't get the "I'm elmor and I ripped my pants"-joke ... I think pictures are mandatory (and incoming).

Austria Turrican says:

LOOL, awesome video. the last part was nice. :D

K404 says:

WTF? LN2 accident? :S

unknown 149 says:

Nice video, Piter - you are crazy dancer!!! :D

Christian Ney says:

after pics, the video, thx SF3D

Finland SF3D says:

We all should give credit to Massman. He is just himself on the video. Most of us will just freeze if camera is rolling :)

United Kingdom Dualist says:

brilliant video guys lol.!

Belgium Teemto says:

Nice one.

...hmm...I don't recall there being that much fog in this Crysis map...

India Harshal says:

Superr Video :D Perti.. bro you gotta be infront of cam man.. you are killer of a dancer as well. But yeah this ones for, PJ!! :P Am sure everyone had fun ;)

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