NVIDIA Slips in GeForce GT 420 Desktop Graphics Card

Doh! If only this card was released 2 weeks earlier. We could've had this month's challenge with the most low-end GF400 series card!

Without making any public announcement (because it's not meant for retail sale), NVIDIA listed its GeForce GT 420 graphics card. This product is available to OEMs only. The GT 420 is derived from the Fermi architecture, and is fully compliant with the latest PC graphics technologies, including DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4. NVIDIA's reference design is low-profile and single-slot, it draws all its power from the PCI-Express slot.

Under the hood is a 40 nm graphics core (perhaps GF108), it has 48 CUDA cores, and connects to 2 GB of memory across a 128-bit wide DDR3 memory interface, with 28.8 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The core is clocked at 700 MHz, CUDA cores at 1400 MHz, and memory at 900 MHz (1800 MHz effective). Display outputs include DVI, HDMI (full-size), and a detachable D-Sub connector. The card has a maximum power draw of 50W. Later down the line, one can expect NVIDIA to make a consumer GeForce SKU with the same specifications.

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