HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark updated to version V1.0.2

A few days ago, the HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark was released publically. Quickly after the release, with thanks to members of the community, we found a critical bug that allowed you to submit results obtained with an incorrect benchmark resolution. To be more precise: when the monitor is not capable of running 1280x1024 (DX9) or 1680x1050 (DX11), the benchmark was run at the highest possible resolution and this was not reported in the benchmark output.

Since yesterday, we have a fully functional V1.0.2 benchmark available. We have, in the meantime, disabled the option to submit using any other version than the latest. This means that you will need to run the V1.0.2 if you want to submit a score.

Download link:

For feedback regarding features or bugs, link to the subforum: http://hwbot.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67


Belgium Gamer says:

Great, now that I have 20+ results on my usb stick... :(

Belgium richba5tard says:

The old ones still work, we can check server side whether the submission was valid or not. v1.0.2 was necessary to add a client side resolution check.

Belgium Gamer says:

thumbs up ! :)

Australia fatguy1992 says:

Is there any plans to add points for these benchmarks soon?

Netherlands Drucchi says:

is there any way to check whether existing scores actually used the proper resolution?

Belgium richba5tard says:

@Gamer: upload them fast though, we will block 1.0.1 soon (this weekend). @Drucchi: yes, we can retrieve it from the detailed information manually

United States OSWiz says:

Please don't take offense, just constructive criticism. Thanks, but no thanks. Why warm up my cards for no score???? Doesn't seem to make sense when the benchmark can be downloaded directly from Unigine. What am I missing???? What is value-added???

Belgium Massman says:

What exactly is the criticism?

Belgium richba5tard says:

Hi Oswiz, Unigene Heaven does not have an online result browser or any cheat protection, hence is completely useless for the overclocking community. We provided a wrapper that solves those two problems. The benchmark itself is unchanged.

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