Intel LGA1156 Core i3/i5/i7 Overclocking Guide

From the writers of "Desktop PC Platform: Killed By Overclocking" ... an overclocking guide! Oh the irony on this one is overwhelming. Also, I read the entire article, trying to find the words 'liquid' and 'nitrogen, but I didn't find them.

As for conclusion, I can't say anything else that there's no doubt on why the LGA 1156 platform got very famous compared to the LGA1366. Basically, you get a less expensive option while getting the same performance on the majority of the tasks. The Core i7 860 for example, matches very well the performance of the famous Core i7 920. Also, you're not "forced" to use triple channel memory kits and the platform still allows SLI/CFX depending on manufacturers. Overall, this is a very nice setup and it offers a lot of paths to update, starting with the Core i3 CPU which is the slowest but still very fast and capable CPU processor with integrated GPU, and up to the Core i7 875K which is one of the fastest processors at the time I wrote this article.

Overclocking capabilities of Clarkdale's processors are quite good. Each CPU increases around 700MHz-1000MHz with stock voltage, and they run quite cool even at full load. If you're looking for a 4GHz+ CPU with reasonable voltages and temperatures, keep those models in mind. You'll also get Intel HD graphics integrated in the package in case you're thinking on a HTPC. The best part of these CPUs is the power consumption, what puts them as very good contenders for HTPCs while having enough power for rude applications.

In the other hand, we have the Core i7 Lynnfield CPUs. They overclock well as I've shown in this article, but I think they're not on pair with the legendary Core i7 920 processor. The pros of this CPU are that it will consume less power and probably run colder also. This Lynnfield CPUs have a very strong memory controller, so, if you're aiming for a 2000+MHz memory kit, you'll need one of these to pair with your RAM frequency. Remember, if you want to know the benefits of overclocking your CPU in real numbers; don't forget to read our Featured Reviews: Processors section.

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