BFG Tech Explored AMD Partnership Before Quitting?

The fact that BFG, known for it's supreme Nvidia series, considers switching to AMD says enough, I think ...

This past week has been full of news about the likely final demise of BFG Technologies as we know it. There are still a lot of questions about how BFG got into this situation, with plenty of finger pointing at both BFG and NVIDIA. Regardless of what we read, the real reasons for the split between the companies are likely known only to a handful of people at the top of those respective companies

It became readily apparent after the Fermi launch that BFG did not actually have any Fermi cards (though they were listed on the site), and they had announced in May that they were exiting the graphics business. The company was going to attempt to make it on power supplies, Phobos systems, and Diemos Laptops (with perhaps a sprinkling of Traffic Cop 2.0?).

It has come to our attention though that BFG was pursuing another avenue that would in fact bring them back to the graphics market. If they had been able to successfully launch this venture, then it could very well likely have saved the company for a few more quarters. Best Buy was BFG’s biggest customer, and when BFG stopped producing significant amounts of graphics cards, it seems that Best Buy dropped them altogether. If this product had launched, then it might have meant that Best Buy would have thrown a lifeline to BFG for their graphics cards, power supplies, and perhaps their desktops and laptops. It had been rumored that BFG was looking to AMD to continue to be a presence in the graphics card market, and here is proof that they almost pulled off that partnership.

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