Gaming in Tight Spaces: Mini-ITX (featuring Gigabyte, Silverstone, and Prolimatech)

The only words that I can come up with are: "It's full".

So, I asked a question at the start of this journey:

“Is it now possible to build a competent mini-ITX gaming PC, or is this market better left shrouded to the HTPC and misc PC sections?”

My conclusion? YES! It is possible, mini-ITX has come a long way since its humble beginnings and it has now reached the point where it is a viable platform for a powerful gaming machine. It’s amazing to me how much power I am able to pack into such a small box. It easily fits in my backpack and only weights a little more than a desktop replacement “laptop”, yet packs a MUCH bigger punch! I look forward to continued growth in this segment over the coming years.

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