K|ngp|ncooling Dragon F1 ... on fire!

People who use liquid nitrogen regularly know that the response to adding LN2 goes more rapidly when the walls of the container have a little coating of ice. One way to get the walls icy is to set the pot ... on fire, as demonstrated by overclocker [200].

This picture is pretty awesome!


TaPaKaH says:

You can actually use raw alcohol or any flammable liquid to raise the pot temperature when you need it quick. Only downside - bad small inside the room afterwards :D

Iran ViViD says:

OMG :O :D Awesome Fire Pot :D

Australia honkie says:

A bit of a background story to this pic.

I was playing around with a recently purchased W3570 with some dry ice and acetone. I got the CPU to around 5,500mhz and was playing around with wprime. After getting some quick results I saw the other submissions on here. I thought I would be just wasting time so I wanted to change CPU's.

I don't own a blow torch or hair dryer and it takes ages for the pot to warm back up. I usually install a fresh copy of windows to pass the time. After I put on a fresh xp x64 the temps were climbing a little, I put a lighter in and set the acetone alight with the computer still running, the added volts going through the CPU helps lol

I put a little video of it on youtube and you can see it here. I didn't have any luck blowing the acetone out so I threw in a couple of pellets of dry ice, I got a little nervous around the 42 second mark - you'll understand why when you see it. :P


Indonesia bondhahnmrt85 says:

The Dragon flames :-D

South Africa seraphs says:

is it just me or is there a skull in the middle of the pot?

Germany Eiswolf93 says:

wtf? i see the skull! good/satan was in the pot xD

But nice Vid. i would get nervous when the flames get over the pot.


Germany -Masterchief- says:

Yeah thats Awesome :) Looks really nice ;)

Netherlands diezel says:

there a skull

Australia Dinos22 says:

lol the skull looks crosseyed

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