EVGA SR-2 Benchmarks. 3D mark Vantage (Performance Run)

This video isn't interesting because they're using the SR-2 mainboard, but mainly because it's a head-to-head comparison of 4-Way SLI and Crossfire-X. You can clearly see that both architectures provide less performance in one area and more performance in another area. Must see!

Clash of the Titans 5.

Running the 3D Mark Vantage Benchmark on the SR-2 Motherboard, using 4 way CrossfireX and 4-Way SLi for comparison.


Christian Ney says:

only 500 marks

Austria Turrican says:

it's crazy how much power the fermis pull.

kikicoco1334 says:

but it's almost sad how much is the GTX480 vs 5870...

Puerto Rico chispy says:

OMG i just saw the Fermis pulling 1687watts for a split second lol , while at the sametime the 5870s were pulling 1090Watts , Just crazy crazy power hungry monster them Fermis :)

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