GIGABYTE Go OC update: golden tickets and more…

Impressive list of overclockers! Will be interesting to see who grabs the win.


The purpose of having golden tickets is so that we have the option to invite leading overclockers who may not have been able to join country or regional events, and who will benefit Go OC with their caliber of OC expertise. We also have a rule preventing anyone who has been eliminated in a Go OC 2010 country or regional event from competing in the global final. After evaluating the list of qualifiers and those who were knocked out along the way, we decided that there will be no golden tickets this year. So one of the fifteen who qualified for the final will be this year’s Go OC Champion! They are:

Go OC 2010 is the biggest and most expensive overclocking event that we’ve ever put on and we have tried to keep it interesting with new rules and benchmarks that were suggested to us after last year’s final (FYI, we’ll probably have 3D benchmarks again in Go OC 2011). With the new benchmarks come new challenges in preventing what we like to call ‘creative benching’, so we want the judges to be seasoned overclockers who are qualified to adjudicate. And so the judges are Hicookie (head judge), Dinos22, Benny Lodewijk Nitolo Lase (4th time Go OC judge), Deanzo, T_M (3rd time Go OC judge), Rockson (GIGABYTE technical marketing manager), Janus (GIGABYTE technical marketing engineer), and two GIGABYTE R&D engineers who overclock as part of their new product debugging and testing. Some basic mathematics will tell you that there is a judge for every two overclockers. This list may change due to unforeseen issues, and we are announcing it now because we want everyone to know what our intentions are at present – none of these judges have been eliminated in previous Go OC 2010 events.


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