The “Original” GTX 480 512SP Benchmarked!

Normally I wouldn't post this kind of, ehr, let's call it 'review'. But, the conclusion part made me do it anyway: the power consumption if this card is a mindblowing 644W! No wonder Nvidia didn't release this version of the Fermi ...

Furmark made this card consume 644Watts of power, which is around 46% higher than the 480SP version. Knowing that the 480SP is supplied by 1.000 volts and the 512SP by 1.056, Only 0.056 more voltage caused this Enormous 204W difference!

94 degrees with a fan speed of 92% … hmmm, not good knowing that it’s cooled by a high end cooler!

In my humble opinion, the decision of NVIDIA’s engineers to reduce the SPs and frequencies was very wise. NVIDIA is now refreshing the lineup and we saw the GTX 460 which showed the real potential of the architecture. So you should wait for REAL refreshes + ATI’s Northern Islands!

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