Here comes the “BEAST”, GTX 460 running at 850 MHz

I'm not really a person who'd recommend buying out-of-the-box overclocked VGA cards as mostly the same overclocking results can be achieved by doing the manual overclock, but increasing the clock from 675MHz to 850MHz is not bad. Usually, manufacturers only increase the frequency by an insignificant amount.

We have great news from TGT, the company that is doing overclocking for Point of View. Last week they rolled out its GTX460-768MB Ultra Charged Core (820 MHz / Memory 4000 MHz), but the real winner of overclocking contest is GTX 460 BEAST with its GPU running at 850 MHz.

There will be tree levels of overclocking Charged, Ultra Charged and BEAST. For GTX 460 core speed that means, 780 MHz Charged, 820 MHz Ultra Charged and 850 MHz „BEAST“.

Some people like Wolfram simply cannot settle down. Guys in his team have broad experience and we like the fact that TGT is now pressing all other partners to do their best in order to compete with new Point of View.

All cards are shipping today, except the BEAST that will come one week later.

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