Gainward develops overclockerd GeForce GTX 460 with 2GB of memory

More capacity means, in most cases, less overclockability. Will this be thé card for HWBOINT hunters or not?

Palit-owned add-in board maker Gainward is out to impress and thus has announced a new GeForce GTX 460 which not only has a custom PCB and cooler, but is also factory-overclocked and packs 2GB of GDDR5 memory, double the amount found on 'regular' models.

Seen below, the Gainward GTX 460 2GB Golden Sample, is powered by the GF104 40nm GPU, includes a dual-slot cooler with an 80mm fan and two 6mm copper heatpipes, 336 CUDA Cores, a GPU clock of 700 MHz (675 MHz stock), a shader frequency of 1400 MHz, a 256-bit memory interface, and a VRAM clock of 3600 MHz.

The 2GB card features D-Sub, dual-DVI and HDMI outputs, and also provides support for 2-way SLI, CUDA, PhysX and 3D Vision Surround. Gainward didn't mention the cost of this model but it's likely it will cost over €210.

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