Clarkdale and High-Speed DDR3 SDRAM: Does It Make Any Sense?

I'm a bit surprised that Xbitlabs didn't try testing over DDR3-2000, or at least mention that they tried. Some mainboards have a lot of problems running high memory frequencies with a Clarkdale CPU.

During overclocking by raising the BCLK frequency, the frequency of the notorious QPI bus also increases, so there are no more problems with high-speed memory in systems with the overclocked Clarkdale processor. Instead, we discover another peculiarity: it is better to stay away from 8x multiplier for the memory, because the actual memory subsystem bandwidth for some reason educes substantially in this case. Therefore, it is best to use either the smaller multiplier of 6x with the minimal timings, or the maximum multiplier of 10x to achieve maximum performance.

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