AMD 480X chipset makes a comeback thanks to ASRock

Asrock pulls another Awesome! Maybe it's true that Asrock has one of the best engineering teams in the world ...

ASRock is coming up with another blast from the past as its new M3A UCC motherboard, which features support for the latest dual-, triple-, quad- or hexa-core AM3 processors, is based on the practically ancient AMD 480X CrossFire chipset introduced in 2007.

Despite the use of an old chip, ASRock's board is reasonably up-to-date (okey, it's 2009 material), and has four DDR3-1800 memory slots, one PCI-Express x16 slot, four SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, 5.1 channel audio, Gigabit Ethernet, plus the Instant Boot OS. Also included are ASRock features like OC Tuner, OC DNA, Intelligent Energy Saver, Instant Flash and Hybrid Booster.

The M3A UCC should become available soon.

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