[OC-TV] GOOC 2010 Europe – Interview with Massman & Gigabyte Spain Staff

I must apoligise for the Belgian accent, hope you can understand what I'm trying to say there.

It’s already time for some interviews recorded during the GOOC EU Finals in Mallorca last Friday.

Today we have Massman representing Belgium sharing with us an inside view on the GOOC EU Finals competition. Massman is telling us a bit more on the way he prepared for those finals, what where the issues he encountered during the competition and finaly a few words about GOOC itself and the worldwide finals in Taipei, Taiwan.

In addition to the GOOC EU Champion interview, we had the opportunity to have a great interview with Noelia Colino working as manager for Gigabyte Spain marketing department, country host of those EU Finals. In this interview, Noelia is providing us with answers on how Gigabyte managed the organization of the event, what where the challenges that they step on etc. This interview is a really interesting piece of information for all those that ever wanted to know what it takes to prepare overclocking finals as GOOC EU ones.


United States G H Z says:

Good coverage by OCTV, it will be different not running any 3D tests for sure.

Australia hikkoo says:

coool honest interviews , massman hope you got chat with her to show ya oc moves that wouldv hit max score

Australia Dinos22 says:

nice guys

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