MSI Online Overclocking Competitions A Complete Success!

The "You've Got the Xtreme Power!" and "MSI Fun! OC Festival" online overclocking competition hosted by leading international motherboard and graphics card maker MSI, in partnership with a well-know hardware overclocking website HWBOT, came to successful conclusion on June 30th. The event not only allowed overclocking enthusiasts to test their mettle but also win great prizes!


Belgium Massman says:

Congratulations to all winners!

For some reason, the Xtreme Power competition had the most views of all competitions we had so far (apart from the HWBOT Country Cup). No idea why though.

Oh, also congratulations to Hazzan, 2nd of the Xtreme Power competition. Since AndreYang decided he will not join the MSI MOA WW Final, runner-up Harshal will be going instead!

Belgium richba5tard says:

Yay us. :D ;)

United States steponz says:

Nice... If I knew that I would have posted a poor Vantage score instead of going all out on Yang... Pretty diappointing..

United States steponz says:

Anyway.. Congrats to Hassan... Enjoy.. Going to try to get there with ya...

Brazil Rbuass says:

Feel sad about i can t go to TW, but give contratulations to the winners... Have a good time at MOA...

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