EVGA's Shamino talks dual Xeon SR-2 motherboard

UK hardware website Bit-tech had a very basic Q&A with Evga's Shamino. Although there's no special inside information, I think it's a very good read as Shamino puts things as they really are.

Bit-tech: "Why did you make the SR-2"
Shamino: "Because we can ..."

Brilliant ... just ... brilliant!


Belgium Massman says:

I was smiling all the way through the 3 pages of the interview :D

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Nice interview :D

United States steponz says:

Major props for Shammy bring this board.... I have been wondering for years... why nobody has done this... and he a killer job... too bad I don't have my other x5680... then we would be having some sick LN2 dual cpu action....

Just a little fyi... in 15 minutes I had a 215 blck on the SR2 with one proc with air... just wait til I get 2.... I am all prepared for some major ln2 action...

United States G H Z says:

SR2 is an amazing board. Would be extra cool if they could convince Intel to release an unlocked xeon.

Eeky NoX says:

Yup sure :)

But I'm a bit dissapointed with some issues. Seems that problems appear when enableing crossX on 5970 :/ It runs in 2D mod but instantly crash in any DX soft in 3D

Is it the same for every body/board ?

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