Asetek Liquid Cooled All-In-One PC Delivers True Desktop Performance

It's a press release, so please don't mind the exagerations and claims. Looking at the video, however, this concept looks pretty promising. I wonder what the pricing will be ...

Asetek, the industry leading supplier of liquid cooling systems for computers, today demonstrated how liquid cooling enables all-in-one PCs to deliver performance on par with the best performing desktop systems while maintaining attractive price points & near silent operation. The sleek all-in-one (AIO) prototype features a 24" display and uses a liquid cooled Intel Core i7-920 desktop processor and nVidia GTX280M graphics card in an enclosure that, at 58mm, matches the slender profile of Apple's iMac. This prototype shows how liquid cooling overcomes the thermal limitations that have historically forced PC manufactures to use more costly, lower performance mobile processors in their all-in-one designs.

"The all-in-one segment of the desktop market is projected to see an annual growth rate of 13% over the next 5 years," said Ben Bajarin, Consumer Technology Analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc. "Achieving the full potential of this attractive form factor requires PC manufacturers to deliver greater performance at ever more attractive price points. Utilizing desktop processors in these devices is a key strategy for improving price and performance. We see liquid cooling as an enabling technology for OEMs seeking to implement this strategy."

Asetek's AIO prototype takes advantage of liquid cooling's inherent ability to efficiently capture and transport large amounts of heat to a location where it can conveniently be exhausted from the system. Heat generated by the 130W CPU and 75W graphics processor is captured within the main enclose and transported to the stand of the all-in-one. A small radiator and a pair of fans easily remove heat from the liquid and a pump returns cooled liquid to the main enclosure to capture more heat.


Belgium dafour says:

Cool product!
Boring videodude :p

United States Beaux Loy says:

That guys voice is real soft and gurly.. :D also... is that elevator music I hear in the background. haha

United States steponz says:

Bodar is loving the elevator music.... too bad its on mute for me... Missing out... I guess... lmao.....

Definitely a good idea and more companies should be doing this... come on... engineers... suck these days... this is a concept that could have been perfected years ago... Hope its going to be more than a prototype...

kikicoco1334 says:

how much is that? a few G?

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