[OCTV] MSI – MOA 2010 – Video and Winner Team Interview

As always, Overclocking-TV has a video ready to show the people who could not be present at the overclocking competition, what this overclocking competition was like. This week's show: MSI MOA 2010 EU Final in Paris added with an exclusive interview with the winners Elmor and ME4ME.


TiN says:

I see my cat is there :,[

United States Voidn says:

Cool vids! Looks like a great event. Those cosplay chicks look pissed off, lol.

Belgium Massman says:

They were Belgian and unhappy that the Belgian team didn't finish first :D

New Zealand packet says:

very cool

Dreadlockyx says:

Girl overclocker ?! OMG !

Iran Majid OC says:

Woow!!very nice!

United States steponz says:

Why isn't there a US version like this???? Thats just crappy.....

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