GIGABYTE GOOC 2010 China Regional Final in Mount Hua, China

I said it before: the summer is starting and countless live overclocking competitions are kicking off. We've already had the Pan Asia-Africa GOOC qualifiers and the MSI MOA EU qualifiers, and since yesterday also the GOOC 2010 China qualifiers.

Congratulations to all overclockers who go through to the next round!

The event was taken place in Mount Hau (or Hua Shan), Xian of China on the 25th of June. Ten contestants were qualified for this competition. Details of the ten qualifiers can be found here:

It takes around 3-4 hour drive from Xian Airport to this mythical destination “Mount Hua,” which is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in China. It was once believed that people from diff. provinces come to Mount Hua to fight for the Honor of No.1 in the ancient Martial Art society. The venue was meaningfully chosen for that purpose ... wow, high-end technology in an ancient atmosphere. What chemical reactions could that mixture create?

The competition began @ 14:25pm & finished up @ around 15:55pm (90mins for the whole contest).

The three finalists: Stephen Yeong (champion) from Team HK-Centralfield (Hong Kong), Wing (1st runner up) from Speedtime (Beijing) and Hero Ou from Team China (Guangzhou). Congrats to the three finalists who will be representing the China Region as a Team to join the 2010 GO OC Final in Taiwan later this year. Good Luck to you guys !