Asus Ares and Immensity technology preview

Nice looking box and card, tech details look good as well ... just still no performance numbers?

Asus is particularly proud of the card's cooling: David Yang from the company's VGA division told us that the Ares is designed to be more usable straight out the box. We pointed out that the stock clock of the Ares is lower than the Sapphire and XFX competition, but David explained that Asus wanted a quieter, cooler card that would fundamentally last longer, rather than something to just win benchmarks by a few percent. As he sees it, the hefty price tag should be considered an investment. David proudly claimed it's taken his team a solid six months to get the cooling right on the Ares, and it can withstand 96 hours of Furmark in a 55C temperature chamber! Extremely. Hard. Core.

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