A short tour of Kingston's Hsinchu factory

Always nice to see how things happen 'on the inside'

So, there you have it: the world's biggest memory module vendor at work. If one thing surprised us during this visit, it was the apparent discrepancy between the size of the factory and the volume of products that goes through it. The place really wasn't that big. Staffers also seemed somewhat scarce, even in areas outside the immediate vicinity of the guided tour. We only caught a small glimpse of Kingston's product assembly business, though. Based on what we heard during the tour, 80% of the system memory production from the factory we visited goes to Kingston's "OEM" customers—PC vendors, in other words. We didn't get to see how Kingston produces memory aimed at retail sales, like those HyperX DIMMs with their fancy heatspreaders and low latency ratings. Maybe next time.

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