Taiwanese firm XXX shows off single slot Radeons

Sex sells, but I don't know if picking such an explicit name is that good. In any case, I like the design of the cards' heatsink ... it's quite classy!

Chopping and changing ATI Radeons was a popular idea at last week's Computex show. We've already seen PowerColor's half-height cards, but we also noticed Taiwanese ATI Radeon graphics partner, TripleX (that's X-X-X not X-F-X), had some rather nifty concept designs for single slot HD 5770 and 5830 graphics cards.

In order to cool the GPU, the heatsink extends beyond the length of both cards' PCBs, and we think the thin fans would need to spin quite fast to create enough airflow, but it's still impressive to see such powerful single slot graphics cards.

We have been promised a quick hands-on when they are ready, but if you want one you will have a long wait or need to book a holiday to Eastward bound, as unfortunately Triplex only sells in Asia. With innovative products like this though, maybe we'll see them soon in Europe, although we're not sure how helpful having an unGoogleable name that you probably wouldn't want to search for at work is going to be.

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