Basing on the whole GF100 GTX485 will appear in Fall

Pretty much the same card as the GTX 480. To be honest, I'm more excited about the upcoming custom GTX 400 series cards.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX485 will improve its extra value and power consumption at this point. News comes from NVIDIA chief scientist Bill Dally, exposing that it will launch one graphics named GTX485 in the future. As expected, the GTX 485 that basing on GF100 Fermi GPU will have 512 CUDA / 64 TMUs/48 ROPs; Core/Shader gets set to720/1440MHz, higher than GTX480; The rest specs remain the same. With the development of TSMC 40nm, sooner or later, GTX485 which owns the whole GF100 GPU display card will ‘born’. It will appear in fall, and its price will be higer $20 than GTX480.

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