Nvidia's GF104 is crippled from the start

In addition to the specs of the GTX 460 card that were leaked a while back, we managed to score additional bits and pieces of the information and it looks like that the GF104 will be crippled from the start. This leaves room for a new card that will be based on the non-crippled GF104 with full specs. The GF104 should have 384 SPs organized as 16 clusters of 24 SPs. The leaked screenshot that Expreview.com managed to grab showed the GTX 460 with 336 SPs/CUDA Cores which means that it has 2 disabled cluster which leaves it at 336 SP. The full GF104 has a 256-bit memory interface, but with one MC block disabled you get the 192-bit memory interface seen on the leaked specs list for the GTX 460. The leaked specs from Expreview show the GTX 460 working at 675MHz for the GPU, 1350MHz for shaders and 1800MHz (3600MHz effective) for the 768MB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 192-bit memory interface. According to their info, the GTX 465 should have a lower TDP and it should be priced at around US $230. This sounds a lot like the G92 which had full 128 SPs but as you remember the first card, the 8800GT had only 112 SPs, and according to our sources, there has been some talk about the possible GTX 475 based on fully enabled GF104. We will keep our ears on Nvidia's door as more info has to appear sooner or later.

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