MSI “You’ve Got The Xtreme Power!” & “MSI Fun! OC Festival” halfway through

Both the Xtreme Power and the Fun! OC Festival started on 1st of June and since we're now the 16th of June, it means we're half-way through!

In the most high-end competition, "You've Got The Xtreme Power", Polish overclocker Yotomeczek is currently leading the pack with 16 points, which is 6 more than Gamer and Donbe. The first lucky draw was already for the leader of the competition and the second Big Bang T-Shirt Lucky Draw goes to Iranian overclocker Don_Corleone for his 8min 23.521sec SuperPI 32M submission. Congratulations!

The more mainstream competition, "Fun! OC Festival", is being dominated by Indonesian overclocker Ekky Jengkol, who we have seen in previous overclocking competitions as well. With 281MHz BCLK, he's currently 10MHz in front of Ukrainian MaJ0r and 19MHz Japanese overclocker ... Donbe! Lucky Draw winner of this week is Matose for his 245.4MHz BCLK submission using the MSI Big Bang Fuzion mainboard. Congratulations!

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