Gigabyte launches Cloud based overclocking

Web-based overclocking application? I have already had my share of fun with using bluetooth as overclocking tool. Drive-by-overclocking and crashing your competitors system at live events was already an option, but now hackers could actually take over control of your system? One question, though ... how can you use Cloud OC if your system is not connected to any form of internet connection? Maybe I'm making it sound too simple ... I'll check it out in detail soon.

The software can overclock your system on the fly too, so users can tweak their OC settings even as tests and benchmarks are running. We pointed out this might be considered cheating, but Gigabyte compared it to knobs and switches on competitive motherboards that could also do the same thing. Apparently very subtle, realtime customisation is required by pro-overclockers to get the best result from every performance test. The only limitation of the Cloud OC software is that it can't change the memory's CAS latency - but every other setting can be changed according to Gigabyte. Cloud OC also shows realtime readouts of voltages and temperatures to check how the PC is running, and it also turn the PC on/off or send it to sleep. It's clearly meant to compete with Asus' RoG Connect software, which allows you to control your system's overclocked settings via a USB-connected laptop or Bluetooth device. Cloud OC isn't tied into Gigabyte's existing overclocking software, EasyTune 6. Instead, it's a completely separate piece of software. Gigabyte has also updated EasyTune 6 to include profile saving and hotkey activation. There are three profiles available that can be setup to quickly change several settings on the fly at the touch of a button, however both EasyTune 6 and its new profile hotkey option isn't yet tied into the Cloud OC function just yet.

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