Yotomeczek and Gzhil first Lucky Winners of June MSI competitions

Both the MSI Fun! OC Festival and the MSI You've Got The Extreme Power! competition have been running for a week now, which means that two participants can call themselves the Lucky Winners of the first week.

In the Extreme Power competition, Polish overclocker Yotomeczek wins the MSI Big Bang T-Shirt for his 7min 22.484sec SuperPI 32M score, using the MSI Big Bang XPower mainboard and an Intel Core i7 980X clocked at 5070MHz.

In the Fun! OC competition, Gzhil is the lucky overclocker of the first week for his 242.42MHz BCLK submission, using one of the Lucid products: Big Bang Fuzion.

In case you haven't won, no worries, there are still three weeks of competition to go!


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