GIGABYTE likes it smaller ... Dinos22 shows off!

I don't usually get excited about hardware that I haven't tested myself, but this time I make an exception. Many vendors come with 'custom' designed products, but in reality these products are mostly the same idea in a different package.

On XtremeSystems, Dinos22 has shown the first results of GIGABYTE's LGA1156 µITX board GA-H55N-USB3. Not only does this board fit in a slim media center housing, it can apparently also overclock quite nicely! Needless to say I can wait to get my hands on this innovative product myself ...

For more information, check out the thread over at XtremeSystems: LINK


Belgium richba5tard says:

Lol, that cooler is ten times the sizes of the motherboard. :) Looks like a perfect replacement for my epia m1000.

Belgium Massman says:

This thing seems great ... add a Clarkdale CPU in it and you don't even need an external VGA :eek:

Sweden Calathea says:

How cute... A pot on this one should look hilarious :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

if you can mount the cooler differently is there a way to get dual channel ops ? Better go for 8-9cm on these :) Really niece piece of hardware...

United States steponz says:

Very cool.. I agree.. a pot would just be soooooo funny..... Not sure you would see the rest of the board when erasering it

TaPaKaH says:

hope the price is adequate (cheaper like mATX P55 boards)

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

This is nanobenching :D

Belgium Massman says:

Sam OCX said: hope the price is adequate (cheaper like mATX P55 boards)

~105/110€ in Germany

The Elitegroup board is roughly 30€ cheaper, but no idea if that one overclocks as well as this one.

Eeky NoX says:

Hehe clockers admiring such tiny hw :D ...well countless the overcloking potential I don't trust in EliteGroup mobos like GBT's ones Massman :/ But that's not so cheap looking how much I spent for an H57M-USB3 which I really love ! (266 bclk under SS is good enough to me ^^)

Belgium bartolomius says:

lol... it's a little devil :D

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