GTX 480 speeds up under cold ...

A person is a legend only if his peers consider him to be a legend. Hipro5, George for the friends, Devil for the enemies, is one of those people. Whereas numerous manufacturers and top overclockers have kept the GTX 480 cold-slow fixing bios to themselves, be it for valid or invalid reasons, this man stepped up and released it to the big public.

Needless to say the bios works and will give a lot of overclockers a break from fighting with the cold-slow problem.

Link to download: here


Slovenia tiborrr says:

hipro5 is THE only legend left in the 3D bussines. Period.

United States Minor Outlying Islands Kal-EL says:

Yep, a man amongst squirrels. Thx Hipro :)

United States BenchZowner says:

Too bad there are only 2-3-4 people like George...

Italy Iron says:

BenchZowner said: Too bad there are only 2-3-4 people like George...

Let's say "something is better than nothing" :)
Thanks to george for giving the "secret" bios to everybody who wants to give it a try :)

United States Hondacity says:

Hipro5 FTW BZ lets say a few good men never know some are actually good..they're just benching and busy checking forums... thanks whoever wrote the front page stuff bout Hipro5 on HWbot

United States steponz says:

Very nice Hipro.. kind of funny I decided to go and get a fermi and I am welcomed to this as soon as I get home... Very Impressive move.. you made my day..


Thanks for sharing man


Thanks for sharing man

United Kingdom Bustah says:

Another famous greek guy said this. 'All virtue is summed up in dealing justly' -Aristotle- nice one George..

Eeky NoX says:

Reading you guys he would surely drop a few tears :D Those words are so true ...Congratulations George for being a such respcted/respectfull person !

Greece hipro5 says:

Thanks guys for your kind words... :) Younger guys MUST be learned to be honest and helpful to continue this sport called Overclocking or else there is no meaning at all on this. ;o) P.S. I do not know who uploaded these news but he has puted a photo of a smoker too... :D

Greece George_oc says:

hipro5 said: P.S. I do not know who uploaded these news but he has puted a photo of a smoker too... :D

Random? I don't think so :D

Greece euklidis says:

hipro5 the best of the best... Now some real competition will begin. we are gonna see great scores the next few days. Home we will see great scores from you hipro ;)

Greece hipro5 says:

george_o/c said: random? I Do Not Think So :d
11888 :d

Greece zoro says:

Nice, captain! you are no1 in the league of helpfull OCs ;)

Greece euklidis says:

i deuteri thesi stis 480 dinei pontous 118 kai apo 8os pou eisai tora tha gineis protos gia alla 8 xronia... tixaio? den nomizo :P

Greece George_oc says:

hipro5 said: 11888 :d

hahahahah :D

Belgium richba5tard says:

Excellent, thanks Hipro5! :)

South Africa SpitafeX says:

If i could become have the clocker you are hipro5, I would be the happiest person alive. You are the only legend left and I aspire to be a clocker like you man.

Brazil Rbuass says:

Hipro is simply the #1 for me Thanks for share friend ;)

TiN says:

George knows where the real power comes from. Respect for pushing overclocking stuff to next level.

Austria Turrican says:

very appreciated george :celebration:

United Kingdom El Gappo says:

Looks like he has vmod'd his electronic cigarette as well! Mind sharing that one Hipro? :D

Appreciate it man, just need more overclockers like you. ________ Paxil class action

Germany stummerwinter says:

Thanx for sharing!

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