ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 AMD 890FX Motherboard Review

Another review from the hands of Belgian overclocker Leeghoofd. For overclockers, page 5 and 6 should be very interesting.

It is time to present the first 890FX motherboard that entered the Shrimps lab. And boy does it look stunning, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you: The Asus Crosshair IV Formula. The previous Crosshair III was a master in efficiency, can the new 890FX chipset top the older generation? How does it pair with the new 6-Core Thuban CPU ? Let us go and explore this new addition to the Republic Of Gamer product line-up.


Italy Iron says:

interesting review, thanks for sharing the problems, the workarounds etc...
I'll keep them in mind when I'll go freezing down my C4F (just a try@air, for now). :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

appreciated mate, but the 0903 beta still got some major issues (NB voltage seems to be fixed)

Plz await final release bios ( 0905 or higher )

Italy Iron says:

Yeah, I'll go directly from a pre-801 to a 905, or maybe to 904 to do some testing@ln2, it depends on when I could organize a new bench session :D

Portugal aGeoM says:

Nice review, thanks for the overclocking tips, specially de unlock cores with non Thuban CPU's. Been benching with 903 BIOS didn'd notice nothing abnormal. Pretty solid. For me, until now, the best DDR3 board I haver bought, and the best looking one :) All the best. PS. God speed to help you raise your baby ;)

Austria Alriin says:

very nice Review. Good Job!

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