JMax-Hardware on Belgian Television

It doesn't happen every day that an overclocking team is invited to the studios of a TV show to present overclocking. Some members from the JMax-Hardware overclocking team were given the opportunity to bench in front of the camera's of the Belgian RTBF. Video underneath ... note: French!


Thor says:

woot :)

Marcolecorse says:


Belgium leeghoofd says:

lol french team on belgian tv, way to go RTBF

France mika says:

great !

Belgium ToyTen says:

not only frenchies dude xD

Belgium ToyTen says:

not only frenchies dude xD

France Benji Tshi says:

French speaking community which also gathers Belgian members...and we were only 2 french people there, one was from Luxembourg, all the others (Toyten, Joker, Sadhiq and some others) were from Belgium :p

France jmax_oc says:

Very nice video :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

I'm aware of the presence of very good belgian benchers in Jmax-Hardware, yet I would have found it more logical to go for PC-Overware as it's Belgian based (yet again with some french overclockers lol) and french speaking too... nuff said it's good exposure for the community...

France Benji Tshi says:

Leeghoofd > True, but i believe we're joining a community depending how we feel in, more than depending the language/country ;)

Belgium MSI7900GTO says:

Pas mal du tout ;)

Canada mega_option101 says:

n'oublier pas les Québécois parmis les téléspectateurs :p

France Maduk says:

Bien le passage au journal!

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