Asus reveals more details about the Immensity

HD5750 integrated on the mainboard? Sure, nice innovation, but no idea if it's really practical.

We didn't quite get Asus' Immensity R.O.G. board that we spotted on Tuesday at Computex, but Asus held a special event earlier today talking more about its new motherboards and the Immensity was one of the products that it covered. We had a chance to speak with the product manager and he told us that the board might not actually make it into a final retail product in its current form. The GPU on the board turned out to be a Radeon HD 5700-series, most likely a 5750 and the product manager mentioned that it's extremely difficult to cool the GPU on the motherboard. The whole idea behind having a GPU on the motherboard is that the Lucid Hydra chip will automagically boost the performance of whatever graphics card you chose to add to your system. This sort of makes sense, but not for the additional cost of having a GPU on the motherboard. We were also told that Asus could add any GPU to the board, be it ATI or Nvidia, as long as it's possible to create a cooling solution for the GPU in question. The board works with a pair of graphics cards in conjunction with the onboard GPU. Asus never intended for the onboard GPU to be used on its own, despite the HDMI port on the rear of the motherboard.

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